All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Curious about Kajabi? I was, too.

Disclosure - I teach graduate students and they can tell you - I am not known as being "tech savvy" by any means. 

So when I was looking for a platform to host my non-university courses (Ahem! With no teaching assistant), I knew I needed one that made it super easy for me to create and offer engaging content. And I wanted to have everything I needed - email, payment processing, and more - all in one place.

And as an author and audio program creator, I also wanted to be able to easily set up a store to showcase products in addition to my courses.


What I Liked About Kajabi


An Easy Way to Find & Reach My Audience

Kajabi offered features - like integrated email and other marketing tools, so I could build an audience and reach the people most likely to want to take my courses.

It's User-Friendly

It was easy (even for me) to create a professional-looking, sophisticated site.

And there are tons of videos, articles, and trainings to help with getting started and taking things to the next level.



Upload Content in a Snap

I really appreciate that I can easily upload my course content in a variety of formats - audio, video, PDFs, and photos in a way that I cannot do on my regular website. 


Saves Time and $$

Right away, I loved its ease of use, reliability, and that Kajabi eliminates the need to have separate platforms for processing payments, building and managing email lists, sending emails, blogging, and more.

Setup Was Easy

I can now do everything I need to quickly and fairly intuitively.

So I can spend more time creating content and engaging with students and less time doing the actual technical work.


Easily Create & Maintain Connection

I Iove the ease with which I can build my community, create and link to special events, and create visually engaging blog posts, offer free content, and more. 


After creating a test platform during the free trial period (and after having taken courses hosted on a variety of other platforms), I knew that Kajabi offered me greater functionality and ease of use, and the ability to create a more sophisticated looking course - than any other platform.

Between the above and the abundance of helpful content for setting everything up, I went with Kajabi.

I'm really glad I did!

The "Best" Platform is the One That's Right for You

All that said, it's important that you find the program that works best for you, whether that is this one or another. So, I recommend doing your homework and trying out different platforms before choosing one.

But if you'd like to explore what Kajabi has to offer, you can click here to try Kajabi for free.*

[*Disclosure: If you decide to use Kajabi after your free trial ends, I will receive an affiliate commission. But the price of Kajabi and the features you'll receive are exactly the same whether you sign up via my affiliate link or through Kajabi's main page directly.]

See If Kajabi is Right for You - Risk Free

I would not have made the commitment without testing out this platform (and you shouldn't either).

Again, take a look around, see what's out there, and if you're curious about Kajabi, you can try it for free (really) for 14 days.